Chinese Tea and Kazakhstan Chocolate

Chinese Tea Leaves and Chocolate from KazakhstanThese are two early Christmas gifts that I received from my foreign friends. They are always my two favourite stuffs: tea leaves and chocolate (well, who doesn’t like chocolate lol).

I always enjoy my tea time, especially when the tea comes from Japan or China. From Japan, I always love their healthy green tea leaves, which is proven to be one of the healthiest drink ever (also effective to prevent cancer). While from China, I always love their black tea, like Phu Er. But the point is, tea time is always my favourite time. But remember, to keep it healthy, drink it without sugar ūüôā

And chocolates, I can never say no to chocolates. They are healthy, delicious, and yummy. Well, even I love them more when they put some almonds or hazelnuts inside the chocolates ūüôā

Chocolates are always my “must have” snack in my bag whenever I go, especially during fresh and cold season like Autumn and Winter.




Feel free to tell me your thoughts! :)

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